I’ve gone through my fair share of low energy days. I went to the doctor once for it- I had no energy, lots of fatigue, and sometimes my hands would feel tingly. It turned out that I had a significant deficiency in vitamin B-12 which impacts your energy! I always advise checking with your doctor if you’re feeling low on energy to see what’s up. However, if you’ve gone to the doctor and you’re still feeling excessive fatigue, try these lifestyle tips that will boost your energy right up!

Exposure to Sunlight

Our bodies circadian rhythm, or our sleep/wake cycle, can be impacted by the amount or lack of light exposure we receive. Checking your phone late at night with a bright screen? Waking up in the morning and getting ready in a dark room? These things can be negatively impacting your energy and causing fatigue throughout your day! Go with your body’s flow and expose yourself to bright light in the morning and avoid screens before bedtime. iPhone has a feature called “night shift” where you can automatically set your phone to use warmer colors at night, making it easier on your eyes before bed. Android has a similar feature now too.

Avoid the Snooze Button

Man, this struggle is REAL for me. I used to be (sometimes am- I’m not perfect!) a snooze queen. Snoozing for 8 more minutes will simply not benefit you. Seriously- before you hit that snooze, countdown from five and give yourself those five seconds to get out of bed instead of automatically hitting that snooze button. Instead of reacting by hitting the snooze button, stop and THINK! Count 5-4-3-2-1 and get UP. Do this every single morning until you’ve kicked the habit!

Drink Water

You wake up dehydrated- you have just spent several hours in the night without drinking water or eating. Plus, you lose some water throughout the night through breathing and sweat. Before you grab for your coffee or cafe con leche, drink a full glass of water. By a window. Squeeze half a lemon in your water. Now we’re talking- simple hydration and sunlight in the AM for a fatigue kicking energy boost!

Move After Lunch

How many of you want to fall asleep after having a big lunch? After lunch, do you go right back to slump at your desk? Do you experience a crash around 2-3pm? How about you take a more active lunch break? I recommend a short walk outside the office. It’ll wake you up, reduce fatigue, and even make you a bit more productive in the afternoon. Get moving, your body needs it, and better yet encourage these healthy daily routines with a co-worker! If you’re famished by lunch, make sure you’re eating a real breakfast and possibly a mid-morning snack to hold you over so you don’t overeat at lunch (sorry guys, that daily donut with coffee isn’t cutting it). You must be thinking Erika I know I have to move this isn’t new! Well, are you doing it?

Your Mindset

If you tell yourself you don’t have energy, you’re right. What you tell yourself becomes your story and your reality. It may sound silly, but start telling yourself “I have energy” even when you don’t feel like it. Ever smile and just feel happier, even if it started off as a fake smile? Same with energy- if you have to trick yourself at first, that’s ok. It’s a start. Tell yourself you have more energy and begin to feel that way.

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xx, Erika

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We live in a society chock full of distractions and procrastination, making it hard to stay focused. I mean how can you not get distracted? Talk about SENSORY OVERLOAD. The consequences of being ‘ON’ all the time thanks to our smart phones and devices may lead to adverse effects on our productivity and, ahem, not truly being focused. Yup- just because you have all those productivity apps doesn’t mean you’re more productive! The majority of us experience so many distractions throughout the day that we spend the entirety of an hour a day dedicated to this wasted time.

Although the benefits of technology for the most part outweigh the cons, they can most certainly rob us of our creativity when we’re at work- those notifications we receive with new emails, texts, messages, and updating a social status take away from what we’re doing in the moment! Sometimes I feel like I can go crazy just being distracted by my phone.

Sooo here are three ways you can deal with your daily distractions and stay focused:

1. Prioritize to Stay Focused

Writing down the three-four most important tasks of the day that must get done either the night before or day of and setting a timer to complete these tasks without any distractions if possible will help to carve out that purely focused time. Hell, turn your phone on airplane mode- really cut yourself off for 45 minutes! You will survive. Don’t overestimate your to-do list- stick with three or four key things that must get done today.

2. Protect Your Time

There’s no such time as time management, rather, it should be called SELF management. Because time will do its thing regardless if you can ‘manage’ it or not. .I’d rather be productive for 2-3 hours then busy for 5 hours, when the task could have been accomplished in much less time. You procrastinators- I’m talking to you! If you’re the most awake and alert early in the AM, get your work in without hesitation. If your creative brain fires best in the PM, work on your projects then. Leave the reacting work- responding to emails, checking social media, etc. for a time OUTSIDE of your focused work, and not in it.

3. Treat Yo’ Self

How often do you carve out time for self-care? If you’re running on decreased sleep, crappy fast foods, your distractibility is bound to decrease as well. Sometimes we put self-care off because we don’t ‘have time’ for it- however, you will burn to the ground if you don’t make the time for self-care. It’s not selfish- it’s necessary. And if you don’t have time for YOURSELF, then Houston, we have a problem. If you’re like, ok but I really don’t have time for myself Erika- it’s because you must plan for it. It just won’t happen as you already know.  Set your intention-

“Tonight I will stop checking emails by 9PM and go to bed an hour early.”

“I will take my lunch break and squeeze in a HIIT workout instead of watching another episode of whatever.”

You get the point. You are cutting other things out that perhaps aren’t feeding your soul and replacing it with taking care of YOU. Amen.

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xx, Erika

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Thanksgiving usually means stuffing ourselves until we have to unbutton our pants (that’s why this year I’m wearing a dress). Although we definitely SHOULD enjoy our meal, and we will eat more than usual, we can still be mindful about our eating. This doesn’t take away from enjoying our meal, but rather enhances our eating experience so much more. Here are five tips to maximize your day so that you always put your health first and still treat yourself (I’m all for that!)👏

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1. Get Moving in the Morning

There’s a long day of food coming ahead of you. I know that when I find time to move, my body feels good and I get my metabolism going for the day.  You may think- “what’s the point?” Or “I’m going to be running around getting the house ready/cooking all day”.

Well, guess what? So will everyone else! Get moving can literally mean a 10 minute walk after your coffee, doing a 30 minute HIIT workout (Join me for my HIIT workout on Facebook (9:30AM Eastern time), take a yoga class, or run a 5k- whatever movement is for you, you’re going to feel more energized and read to conquer your Thanksgiving after it. I promise.

2. Slow down and Find What Matters.

 You must be thinking, geez I’ve heard that a million times. But do you really do it? Instead of mindlessly filling yourself up because you can, eat what’s important to you. Not out of deprivation, but out caring for yourself.  I’m not going to stuff myself with not-so-great appetizers and feel full by the time the turkey comes. Been looking forward to that special pumpkin pie recipe all year? Eat it! Make room for what matters and really think to yourself, “Do I want this?” If it’s not an absolute loud and clear YES, take that time then to keep socializing with your friends and family.

3. Being Practicing Gratitude Everyday

 Thanksgiving is the perfect day to take some time out of your hectic life and share what you’re thankful for. Wouldn’t your life be so much better if you took the time to do this every single day? Start fresh on Thanksigiving with whatever way will stick for you- implementing gratitude in a prayer, meditation, journal, sticky notes, etc.  People that do this every day are happier people.

And that’s that! Have a wonderful, beautiful Thanksgiving with your friends and family. If you’d like to join me for a live FB workout in my Bashing Burn Out Community at 9:30AM Eastern, click here to get in on the group! See ya there!

Xx, Erika

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The weekends! We have that phrase “TGIF” in pure celebration for the weekend. We spend the most money on Friday and Saturday as a society living it up. We fill our weekends with endless binge watching marathons, binge drinking, or binge errands – do we ever just REST? I so struggle with this, I admit it.

The weekends have all this hype and we have so many expectations. Something that I’ve learned the hard way is that if you place all your happiness on the weekend, you will be very disappointed when Sunday night rolls around. Why is it so difficult to have a happy weekend?

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to MAXIMIZE your happiness during the week so that everyday is a wonderful day. Sure, you’re going to have bad days – but delaying or postponing all your joy for the weekend is bound to lead to you experience a huge let down once it’s all over.

If you want real tips on how to take advantage of having a beautiful, healthful, and happy weekend – download my free guide here! This has definitely helped me to make my weekends feel a little more like what they’re intended for, you weekend warrior you.

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Pumpkin Spice Latte, who dat?

Whether you like it or not, fall is approaching. I’m from Florida so we live in a perpetual summer all year long (Except for that three days in February when it reaches 53 degrees and we’re freezing, yup that’s us). But for the rest of you, fall means warmer clothes, pumpkin spice everything, harvest festivals (right? Remember I’m from Miami), and bad habits.

Do you feel like the seasons and the food that comes with the seasons affects your healthy choices? Do you need that external reward (i.e. look good half naked in the summer) to maintain good eating habits and physical activity? Here are some tips to not let the fall get the best of ya and not fall into bad habits!

Know your weaknesses

Apple pies, pumpkin spice lattes, beef chili, pumpkin beer- what’s your weakness? A powerful thing is the ability to identify your absolute must haves and the things you can do without. Just because the weather drops and you wear more clothes doesn’t give you permission to ditch the healthy habits. Think about your lifestyle and your long term health goals. It’s definitely OK in my book to treat yourself and not live a life of deprivation. I believe that as long as you keep yo numbers in check (BMI, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure) and you’re living an active lifestyle, eat a slice of pie if you’ve been looking forward to it all week! Just be real with yourself and know that you are honoring your sanity as well as your long term health goals.

Get Moving

Again, Miami girl speaking- but I’ve heard from so many people that the fall and winter are excuses for a less active lifestyle because it gets cold. Engage in fun activities! Go for a nature hike, a fun pumpkin carving contest, a 5K- do what makes you feel good on the inside and out. Get a 30 minute workout done in your living room- you don’t need to drive to a gym!

Be careful with the booze

Fall means college football and NFL football, tailgates, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving- you’re entering a season full of festivities. From personal experience, it takes a conscious effort before and during the festivities to be mindful of your drinking. I have fallen into the TRAP of trying to keep up with people’s drinking. Guess what? Most of the time, I’m just smaller than everyone else and have a lower tolerance so I physically cannot drink as much as them. Can you imagine how that ends? No bueno. I’m so done with the days of ugly hangovers and feeling like absolute poop for the sake of keeping up with everyone at a tailgate. Nothing is a better teacher than your own previous experiences, right?

Create a fall goal

Actually make an extra effort this season to implement goals towards a healthier life. If you just fall into the habit of eating apple pie when you’re not that into it every other day in the fall, eat apple slices with cinnamon. If you’re ready to step up your fitness game but afraid to slip into inactivity this fall, make a goal to walk longer or exercise more days of the week.

Seasonal goals < Lifestyle goals

Summer bodies are made in the winter. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. To be 100% reals with you, you should strive for a healthy, strong body REGARDLESS of the season. Regardless of the parties or festivities, there will be tough storms and bumps on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Is it perfect? Heck no. Is it worth it? Yes. Are making some sacrifices? Yes. But are they painful? They don’t have to be. Find what works for you- eat healthier foods and get moving because it feels damn good, not because you need to look good for summer (drop the mic).

Xx, Erika

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