In regards to burnout, could you ever just wake up one day and ask yourself “How did I get here?”


Seasoned surgical Physician Assistant, entrepreneur, writer, personal statement professor, and online educator Karen Calcaño PA-C joins your host Erika del Pozo MOT, OTR/L and shares her current burnout situation, the difference between a healthcare hangover vs burnout, burnout resulting from decisions based in fear, our perfect day, and more.

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My Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Floating above fear, sitting with fear, and basing decisions from a place of peace and not fear
  • The difference between a healthcare hangover and burnout and their sequential nature
  • What true recovery from burnout looks like- what it takes beyond self-care practices
  • What it’s like to be IN burnout right now in real-time
  • Tearing the burnout house down and restructuring it completely
  • Shifting our expectation that our main fulfillment must just come from our job
  • We  are taught to ignore the signs and symptoms of burnout; learning about the warning signs of burnout
        Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast

        My Favorite Quotes From Karen:

        “All of us can just find a way to be able to do what we love, but also have plenty of things that fill our cup in our lives at the same time… I do believe you can do both.”

        “What is worth sacrificing for and what is not?… You deserve to take the time to observe and sit with that figure out what you need to be more fulfilled in your life beyond expecting fuflliment to just come from your job.”

        Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast
        Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast

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