What compelled you to offer mentorship to nurses? What have you gained and learned from your mentorship?

Mentorship changed my life and helped me discover who I was as a person aside from my career and all the things I was doing. This was revolutionary for me and I knew nurses needed this same support so badly. My mentees have given me so much hope and inspiration. To see the impact that they’re now having on the world after first taking care of themselves brings me so much joy. It is my purpose on this planet.

In your experience why is burnout such a prevalent issue for nurses?

I believe it’s the nature of the type of people that go into the profession. We’re caregivers, healers and LOVE to help. Since helping others brings us so much joy it can be easy to forget to help yourself.

What have been your biggest challenges and biggest rewards with your brand Nurses Inspires Nurses?

Biggest challenges have been trusting the process and investing money in product and team. It can be scary to invest when you’re unsure how things will do or if you’re really able to afford it. It all works out but it’s definitely stretched me!



What compelled you to start Medthusiast? 

I was searching for graphic tees with humorous medical phrases on them but could not find them anywhere so I decided to create them myself with the help of an amazing graphic designer.  Once I started the process I realized how therapeutic it was.  Stresses that accumulated from a busy week at work immediately dissipated once I put on my creative thinking cap and started working on designs everything evening.

What have been the biggest challenges and rewards with Medthusiast?

The biggest challenge has been learning all aspects of business without any formal business training.  I spent three full days educating myself on DBAs vs sole proprietorship vs LLCs and trying to figure out the pros and cons of each.  It was so overwhelming but the more I learned the more I loved the process.

 What message do you wish to impart on those that have a great idea to start a brand but don’t know where to start?  

This is my FAVORITE question.  I could literally talk your ear off for HOURS about startup business strategy.  I was about to give you a vanilla answer like ‘create value’ and then realized that’s not my modus operandi.  I prefer much more concrete and executable answers.  In all honesty I think the best advice I have is to initially block all friends and family on your new brand’s social media so you can create content and figure out your brand identity through trial and error without fear of judgement from those you know.  The key is blocking colleagues BEFORE you become social media friends so you can avoid the always awkward “Um, did you block me?” inquisition.  Then once you feel confident in your brand’s identity and the following you have built you can revisit those instagram friendships.


What compelled you to begin travel nursing and to start your personal brand?

When my time off request was denied after my dad passed away, I knew something had to change. Becoming a travel nurse gave me the autonomy to take time off whenever and however long I want. Making the extra income and having the autonomy to choose where I want to live and work was the icing on the cake.

 I started the Travel Nurse Course to help other nurses who were in my situation. Many nurses are burnt out, unhappy with their work environment, or want the freedom to travel while increasing their income at the same time. The Travel Nurse Course gives nurses the tools and resources they need to become a travel nurse the quickest and easiest way possible so that they can work less and travel more.

What’s your biggest advice for nurses that want to work less and travel more?

The key to working less and traveling more is learning how to maximize your income. In the travel nursing industry knowledge is power, so understanding every aspect of your pay and learning how to negotiate like a pro is the key to making more money without working more hours.

What message do you wish to impart on those that have an entrepreneurial spirit in healthcare but don’t know where to start?

The key to becoming a successful entrepreneur is having faith in yourself and what you’re capable of. Focusing on what you’re most passionate about will always steer you in the right direction.



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