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Do you have trouble sleeping? I have been having sleep problems on and off for a few years now. Last year on the Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast, I interviewed The Sleep Doctor, Dr. Michael Breus about optimizing your schedule according to your chronotype, or your genetically coded preference for sleep and wake.

Aside from knowing what my needs are based on my chronotype (I am a bear with lion characteristics), I struggle with bouts of insomnia.

Below are tips I gathered from 31 people via our Instagram, But first, I’d like to share what’s been working for me for the past year and what has been working for me as of recent.


I like to practice a “power-down hour” before bed. I take that crucial hour to transition my mind and body to help ready myself for sleep. I will dim the lights, wear my blue light blocking glasses, pull cards, meditate, read our journal, and light a candle and/or incense.

Despite my power-down hour routines, I have had lots of trouble sleeping lately because I psych myself because out. When I put pressure on myself to get restful sleep, I tend to have great difficulties falling asleep and/or staying asleep. Lately, I have been working on an affirmation to help decrease the pressure I put on myself, which has helped me to go to sleep more care-free.


“Lavender, meditation music (insight timer), melatonin, magnesium, reading before bed.”

“I take meds to sleep.”


“Reading a book.”

“Meditation before bed/nature sounds/sleep hygiene.”

“Guided meditation app (smiling mind).”


“Bed only for sleep. Exercise in the day, no nap. No caffeine or sugar after 3pm. Meditate/yoga.”

“I use the calm app and play sleepcasts- helps a little!”

“Yoga nidra!”


“Calm app- rain or water noises help me shut off :)”

“Eye pillow! It’s my life saver.”

“Meditating or reading a book before bed!”

“I use the Faster EFT method, you can find about it on YouTube or Goggle images :)”

“Nature sounds. Waves are my favorite so soothing.”


Benadryl when insomnia is really bad.”

“Yoga nidra.”

“Visualizing myself walking through my childhood home and focusing on details.”

“Listen to YouTubers doing their makeup. Only certain ones though. The voices are soothing!”

“Melatonin, lavender, sleep mask, ear plugs/music/fan for white noise, read secret garden.”

“CBD oral drops (from a reputable source/company.”

“Benadryl. CBD. White noise.”

“Hot shower before bed always helps me relax!”

“The podcast ‘Nothing Much Happens’ bedtime stories for grown ups!!”

“Not overthinking, living for the here and now.”


“I do a mind dump and make a to-do list for the next day. Keeps my mind from worrying about tomorrow.”

“Rituals…putting on PJs at least 45 minutes before bedtime, a cup of hot tea, only quiet low key activity.”

“Decaf hot tea, cozy jams and covers, headspace sleep meditation!”

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Author: Erika del Pozo MOT, OTR/L, CEO and co-founder at Joy Energy Time. Read more about her here.


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