I’m so over the “New Year, New You” (aren’t we all?!) But what I am into is using the beginning of a new year to get inspired and lay out a road map for an intentional year. I’m also into the terminology “most lit up self.”

I am forever on the quest to be my most lit up self. In being your most lit up self, or your highest and best self, there is no room for a life that just happens to you. When you are your most lit up self, you are serving the world in the highest way possible.

Being your most lit up self isn’t a singular end goal; rather, it’s an ever-evolving journey where you can keep growing and better yourself in your unique way.

You are in the driver’s seat of your life, and therefore you must craft a life that is aligned with the life you want to live. In this post, I share my Lit Up List for 2020.

You can get some inspiration to make your own 2020 list and download the free 2020 Lit Up Road Map: Step One to get started crafting an intentional year baby! You can get your hands on the full guide plus other guides, resources, and a private community inside the Joy Energy Time Club.

joy energy time new year resolution goal setting map


Write a Book

I’ve wanted to be an author since I was eight years old. I ‘self-published’ my first book at nine and wrote to The American Girl Company, asking if they’d publish it (they graciously declined me and wrote back that they only accept adult authors). I am self-publishing a book about burnout and my unique and modern way of addressing it. If you want to know when the book comes out, sign up for the wait list here.

Master Manifestation

I am not new to spirituality, but I am going to take manifestation more seriously. I am a huge fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work and will be diving deeper into his books (one of my favorite books ever that happens to be by Dr. Dispenza is The Habit of Breaking Yourself). I just got myself the new Super Attractor Card Deck and journal from Gabby Bernstein and I’m ending the year reading her book Super Attractor.

Take a Fun Girls Trip

I absolutely love girl trips! My last one was in 2018 to Cartagena, Colombia so I am way overdue for one. The good news is that Cheap Caribbean makes a girls trip (or any kind of trip) to the Caribbean incredibly easy and affordable. If you’re a nurse, you can sign up for the ER&R Club and receive special discounts, packages, and upgrades when you sign up. If you’re not a nurse, you can check out Cheap Caribbean’s main site and their current specials and deals. #ScrubsOffVacayOn #Partners

Incorporate More Plant-Based Meals in my Diet

I am going to expand my diet and add more goodness into my meals. I still eat meat, but not nearly as much as I used to. I’m a big believer of adding more to my diet versus taking away. I want to have snacks and more meals that have more plants, herbs, spices, etc. I have been window shopping so to speak on Amazon and I am starting off my plant-based journey with this book: Plant-Based on a Budget.

Plant 1,000 Trees

The environment has been a huge passion of mine since I was a kid. 1,000 trees is a big and scary number for me, but I want to set the bar high. I am striving to be intentional about my work with the environment, so I am ready to reach this goal. One non-profit that really interests me and that I’m excited to volunteer with/donate to is One Tree Planted.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

This one scares me too because of the potential long-term commitment. I volunteered once at a dog rescue shelter in Miami, but I had to attend several trainings and make a time commitment. I love animals so much (especially cats!) and I want to invest myself in creative ways to give to the world this year.

Apply for a Ted Talk

I am going to apply for a talk (or hope to get nominated by someone else!) after I self-publish my book. Spreading my message is apart of my mission, and I believe a Ted Talk is an phenomenal way to reach people and make a big impact.

Improve my Sustainable Living Practice

I recycle and use resuable grocery bags, but I can make lots of improvement and move towards zero-waste living. A few items I’m excited to try:

Reusable makeup remover wipes

Reusable sandwich and snack bags

Reusable mesh produce bags (we already have these and love them!)

Bamboo tooth brushes

Living Green book

Image from Amazon.

Join an In-Person Club/Class

Since we move every three-six months because of my husband’s travel therapy contracts, it can be extremely difficult to make friends. Sometimes (like where we live now in Port Townsend, WA) the places we live are almost too remote to make connections with people around my age and/or with similar interests. My hope is to move to a place sometime this year where I can make connections with people- whether that’s through a fitness class, entrepreneur meet-up, etc.

Work with a Therapist

I recognize that I am not yet above or past my anxiety. I’m still researching the best method for me to work with a therapist since I’m on the road so much. In order to be my best self, I need to continuously work on myself.

Read Books for Pleasure

For the past few years, I have read personal and professional development books. I used to read so many novels for the sake of reading novels, and I miss that! I want to read for fun and not always feel like I have to learn something.

Learn Basic Italian

I’m going to Italy in May and I’m ready to get my basic Italian down! I’ve heard good things about Duolingo, and I’m going to give it a try.

Visit my Friend in Canada

I haven’t seen my best friend in so long, and her baby is growing up! Apart of my being my most lit up self and being intentional about maintaining my friendships and social relationships. In 2019 I felt pretty isolated, and I don’t want to feel like that again. I know that I won’t always be able to see all my friends each year, but I know I have to make an effort!

Learn a Back Flip

This has been on my list forever and there is no particular function for this. I’ve been into gymnastics since I was young although my mom thought it was too dangerous for me (hence why I danced), but as an adult I can decide to take adult tumbling classes and learn the skills I’ve always wanted to learn.

Plan a Conference

You heard it here first! I am working on creating another vertical at Joy Energy Time. My vision is to create a conference that makes an impact in the healthcare industry and beyond. I get lit up when I help others become lit up, and I’m so excited to bring this into fruition!

Learn About Meta Physics

This is a personal interest of mine. I get really excited whenever I watch documentaries or read about this topic. Again, no real function for being an expert in meta physics, but I am always on a quest to keep learning and grow in my intellectual wellness.

Take an Art Class

I love making things with my hands. Hence, occupational therapy has been an ideal profession for me. I’ve done those Painting with a Twist classes before and they’re OK, but I’d like to do something new (maybe a pottery class!?)

I wish.

Handle Tough Situations with Grace

This is an ever-evolving process for me. I have always had difficulties with my emotional regulation, and there have been countless times where I could have handled things better.

Mix Up My Fitness Routine

I started ClassPass and freaking loved it, but of course had to put my account on a freeze because we moved to a remote town in Washington. I 10000% need to get back on it or find unique fitness classes where we move next.

Take a Dance Class

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance, and I haven’t dance in ages! Whether I take a ballet, jazz, Latin dance, or hip hop class (or all of them!), dance brings me so much joy. I am going to get my booty back in dance this year!

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