What We Do

Burnout carries a heavy price, both personally and professionally. We work to put an END to the devastating consequences of burnout in physical therapists and occupational therapists through our CEUs, podcast, community, and events.

Quality CEUs

We deliver holistic, evidence-based continuing education courses for PTs and OTs based around the topic of burnout, with a major focus on replacing ‘barely surviving ’ with ‘thriving’ in the workplace.


Burnt Out to Lit Up: A podcast just for healthcare providers of all disciplines! We cover many topics including healthcare, wellness, professional development, stress and burnout, spirituality, and what it all means for your career and life in the healthcare industry. Find it anywhere you get your podcasts.


We foster a community of like-minded professionals through multiple outlets, including on social media to amplify our voice and advocate for an improved work environment. We strongly believe that community trumps culture and building energetic communities will shift the dynamics in healthcare. Check out our live events!

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What clients say

Testimonial Joy Energy Time

Kara A.

MOT student

“As a former student and mentee of Mrs. del Pozo, I was fortunate enough to acquire a wealth of knowledge needed to enhance my communication skills. Her presentation skills modeled the standards necessary to ensure successful engagement in any clinical setting.I was beyond impressed with Mrs. del Pozo’s repertoire of abilities and highly endorse her professional competencies.”

Testimonial Joy Energy Time

Caitlin A.


“Erika to me was the type of teacher who would tell a story when she taught her lessons. She made the content flow in a way that was easier for me to understand and made it so that you could relate it to yourself. She also wasn’t one to stand behind a podium. She was open and when she speaks you can actually feel it yourself the passion and energy that she has. I think of it as she’s literally energizing you with words alone. I remember especially when she came in to give my class her story of her OT field work experience. We were all about to go out on our own and being able to hear her story helped me a lot.”

Testimonial Joy Energy Time

Andrea R.

MOT student

“Erika made it easy to understand all this new information we were given in our first year of OT school! She made it fun, simple, and gave us real life personal experience which helped us learn. Erika cared about us all so much and made sure we left class truly understanding what was taught.”