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Burnout is an epidemic problem that stems from the work environment, leaving individuals drowning without support. Joy Energy Time fills this whitespace with our online tools, resources, and real life events that specifically serve the unique needs of healthcare professionals to foster holistic wellness, work well-being, and mobilize change and advocacy for a better healthcare system.

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Join us every Friday for a new episode! We cover stress & burnout, healthcare industry issues, health & wellness, spirituality, personal & professional development, and more through research, interviews, stories, and strategies. Plus really bad jokes.

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Send us your Burnout Story

Have you experienced burnout in your healthcare career? How did it affect you physically, emotionally, and/or mentally? How did your work environment create the conditions for this experience? Have any useful advice for someone in a similar position?

We want to hear your story. It takes transparency in sharing our journeys to create awareness and facilitate change in the healthcare industry.

You may share your story anonymously- just put N/A for name. You can share as much or as little as you want. This is YOUR story. We’re hear to listen and support you.

We may share your story on our podcast (unless you clearly notify us) for the purpose helping others feel like they’re not alone in their journey, as well as provide our insight based off of our experiences with burnout and the latest evidence-based research.

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