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These 9 Things Have Grounded My Anxiety

These have been TRYING times to say the least. With COVID-19 sweeping the globe and our nation facing record-breaking numbers over the past several months, I have recognized that many people share this collective anxiety

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50 2020 Students- Leslie, Nawal, Dashaé

LESLIE GONZALEZ OMS4 @lesliexgp | @LXMED You have been open about your decision to take a leave of absence in medical school. What have you learned about yourself from that experience?  I’ve learned that there is

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A Guide for New Grads: How to Successfully Navigate Your Career

Burnout has become a growing crisis in healthcare that largely stems from the work environment, leaving individuals drowning without support. We aim to fill in the gaps through our club, newsletter, blog, social platforms, resources, and podcast that specifically serve healthcare professionals. We help you to foster personal growth, work well-being, and become an advocate for a new and improved culture in healthcare.

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